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The National Museum of Fine Arts of Heilongjiang Province (China) is publishing a new Chinese edition of the Autoportrait, with the support of the Hartung-Bergman Foundation.
In 1976, Hans Hartung’s autobiographical account was published. Entitled Autoportrait, the book - based on comments collected during interviews conducted by Monique Lefebvre - traces the painter’s memories. There he recounts memories, highlights of his personal life and his career. Also, Hartung tells about his vision of aesthetics, abstraction and his artistic journey.
This first edition did not meet with the expected success and quickly disappeared from bookstores. However, the painter’s extraordinary and romantic life continues to fascinate specialists, art historians and fans of Hans Hartung, for whom the work remains a benchmark. This is why in 2016 the Hartung-Bergman Foundation published at Presses du Réel a critical reissue with a note device that illuminates, refines and sometimes contradicts the original text, drawing on its gigantic archive collection.
This year, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Heilongjiang Province (China), encouraged by André Kneib (French calligrapher and sinologist), requested the Foundation for the translation and distribution of the Autoportrait in China. The Hartung-Bergman Foundation is therefore pleased to support this project, thus working to promote the life and work of Hans Hartung.
This edition, augmented by works and photographs, in turn demonstrates the importance of this story. A reference beyond borders ...
This work is only distributed in China.
The 2016 scientific reissue by the Hartung-Bergman Foundation is still available for sale:
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