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Reedition of Hans Hartung’s memoires

Reedition of Hans Hartung’s memoires

Hans Hartung, Autoportrait [Self-portrait]
Critical edition published by the Hartung-Bergman Foundation
Les presses du réel

When it is published in 1976, the autobiographical story of the abstract Franco-German painter Hans Hartung, entitled Autoportrait [Self-portrait], gives the impression of a vivid and sometimes slightly disjointed compendium of personal memories and aesthetic remarks. The book does not meet the expected success in France and is rapidly discarded before disappearing from the bookshops... However, it continues to make its way among Hartung specialists, amateurs, and art historians alike, who are fascinated by his extraordinary and dramatic life, characterized by initial failures and later international success, visionary pictorial intuitions, war traumas, the strong relationship with Anna-Eva Bergman and much more. The Autoportrait is persistently used as a reference and a source.

In spite of their sincerity, the memoires, written when the artist was over 70 years old, are far from being always reliable. It was therefore urgent to republish the text with a body of notes to explain, refine and sometimes contradict its contents. This critical edition is primarily based on the study and treatment of the gigantic archive data on Hartung, which is kept in Antibes, France, at the Foundation he had personally called for. It is the Foundation team – Marianne Le Galliard, Elsa Hougue, Thomas Schlesser, Jean-Luc Uro – who has carried out the study in order to gain a better understanding of the existence and work of one of the most unique artists in the XXth century.

The book includes a selection of 23 photographs by Hartung added especially to this edition.

Hans Hartung, Autoportrait, Dijon, Les presses du réel, 2016
ISBN 978-2-84066-654-7
347 pages
16 €

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Illustration : Hans Hartung, Autoportrait, 1923, craie noire sur papier
Collection Fondation Hartung-Bergman