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Opening of Hans Hartung Retrospective, « La fabrique du geste » at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris.

Here it is at last: Hans Hartung’s first major Paris retrospective in fifty years. The previous retrospective was inaugurated in the presence of André Malraux. De Gaulle was still president. Today, in a brand new Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, this Fabrique du Geste—a title which naturally alludes to the artist’s gestural qualities and invention—extends over 1,400 m2 of space, displaying some 350 artworks.Paintings, of course, but also drawings, photographs, prints, ceramics, and sculpture by Hartung: colossal, vibrant… The exhibition is curated by Odile Burluraux, in collaboration with Julie Sissia.The scenography is by Cécile Degos.If we add that it is supervised by the MAM’s director, Fabrice Hergott, we see how much this story is one of fidelity, for all these friends of the Fondation have already worked on Hartung in the past.

Of course, the Fondation’s team was also greatly involved in this retrospective, providing ideas, perfectly preserved works, and masses of archival material.Let us insist on this point: the exhibition must give a contextual view of the career of a man in his century, his networks of friendship, from Grohmann to Soulages, from Césaire to Rothko, the trials of his existence, and the joys thereof as well.Anna-Eva Bergman is a subtle but constant presence throughout this extraordinary destiny.

An exhibition is like any intellectual or cultural work: its producers know, more or less, what they have put into it, but not what will emerge from it.

La Fabrique du Gestebelongs to the public, to all publics, and if Hartung should revealed this very moment as an artist of fundamental importance, it is just as much due to his reception by the crowds who see him as by that of the specialists who present and comment upon him.In other words, Hartung, displayed from a certain number of perspectives throughout the catalog and in the halls of the MAM, will emerge transformed by all the gazes focused upon him.We await them all: curious, personal, kindly, critical, enthused, enraged.We await them: passionate and uncompromising.

Thomas Schlesser, director of the Fondation Hartung-Bergman.

« Hans Hartung - La fabrique du geste »
Until 01.05.2020
Musée d’art moderne de Paris
11 avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
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