Fondation Hartung-Bergman


New display : « Hans Hartung - 1988 »

On the occasion of the summer tours, the Hartung-Bergman Foundation shows new hangings in the artists’ studios: « Anna-Eva Bergman - Finnmark » and « Hans Hartung - 1988 ».

The new display of the Hans Hartung museographic space shows works that were all made in 1988. Among the eleven works exhibited, eight date from the same day: February 12, 1988. Voluntarily presented in chronological order, these paintings allow to follow the creative process of the artist. In particular, they reflect the explosion, characteristic of Hartung’s last years of production, which, although greatly diminished, will be bold and energetic in the creation of his works - the largest and most colorful of his career. Three other works dating from January and February 1988 are exhibited next to these paintings and are distinguished by the tools used for their production (brushes with multiple heads, large brushes ...). After that, Hartung will stop painting until August of the same year, before starting over again. This discrepancy between intense work and total stopping shows his arrhythmic production, symptom of the last years of the artist’s life (1986-1989).

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