Fondation Hartung-Bergman


New display : « Anna-Eva Bergman - Finnmark »

On the occasion of the summer tours, the Hartung-Bergman Foundation shows new hangings in the artists’ studios: « Anna-Eva Bergman - Finnmark » and « Hans Hartung - 1988 ».

For this 2019 season, the new hanging in Anna-Eva Bergman’s studio presents works and archives around the theme of Finnmark, a desert area in the far North of Scandinavia. It was during a trip to the North Cape (Norway) in the summer of 1950 that the artist discovered with fascination this desert nature where the earth, the sky and the water mix. From then on, Bergman will never stop developing a vocabulary of shapes around the Norwegian landscape. In 1964, she made a second trip that will definitely seal her attraction for Finnmark, reason that it will then decline through several techniques and mediums.

From his first abstract works of the 1950s, through his photographs, drawings and his paintings of the 1960s, to the mini paintings of the 1980s, this hanging tells us about the process of creation and exploration of the motive by Anna-Eva Bergman.

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