Fondation Hartung-Bergman



The archives’ collection of the foundation is a diverse set of documents related to Hartung’s and Bergman’s works: press articles, correspondence, schedules, notes, exhibitions catalogues from 1931 to the present day, art magazines, audio recordings and films, architectural blue prints and sketchings. Most of these archives have been computerized in the database, indexed by date, location and people, and linked to the works of both collections. Besides, the foundation possesses an important collection of photographs (artistic and documentary ones) from the beginning of the century to the eighties.

A database

This set of archives is also a part of the computer database, accessible from the foundation for the researchers, on request and within the context of a targeted project. This database follows the pattern of a catalogue raisonné: each work is recorded according to its movements (exhibitions), the history of its critical reception (broadcasting in press, books or catalogues), its origins (private or public collections).

For example, starting from a date, one can access the production (technical data of the drawings, paintings, studio collections, photographs), consult the correspondence, the schedules with appointments, the exhibitions, the press, the catalogues, and also find a name corpus (artists, friends, curators, gallery owners). Links are numerous and constantly refer to the works.

The processing of data is still ongoing.

For some years, the foundation has been providing institutions and researchers with numerous information taken from its collection, regarding other artists than Hartung and Bergman - such as Soulages, Richier, Gonzalez or Hélion - for PhD, exhibitions, or publications projects.