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The relationship between Anna-Eva Bergman and Spain began taking shape in 1933, when she settled for a year in Minorca with Hans Hartung. But, above all, their journey through Andalucía in 1962, during which they bought land in Carboneras, was particularly decisive for her painting. There she developed her first horizons, a motif she continued upon her encounter with Norwegian landscapes. The permanent dialog between North and South in Bergman’s work is the subject of this exhibition : the starkness and luminosity of their landscapes bring them together, while their colors set them apart. The photographs taken by the couple during their journeys reveal the points of formal convergence between Norway and Spain. For instance, there is the motif of stones, the first vocabulary of shapes she developed, starting in 1951 during her trip to Citadelløya in Norway, under the name Fragments of an Island in Norway, and continued in 1970, after her month-long journey through Spain, in the « Stones of Castille » series. Along with stones and horizons and horizons, in this show we find mostof the motifs in Bergman’s painting : cliffs, fiords, stars, mountains and boats.

The concept of rhythm was essential for Bergman, who considered it the structuring element of painting. During her journeys in Spain and Norway she developed this concept and the means of expressing it. Technically, the use of modeling paste and sheet metal allowed her to construct, through their material, shape, line, and color, the rhythm of the work. The exhibition presents paintings conceived according to the rhythm of the four elements : earth, air, water, and fire. These elements, seen simultaneously in the light of Northern and Southern landscapes, confer upon the works a timeless vision of the panoramas admired by Bergman over sixty years.

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« Anna-Eva Bergman – From North to South, Rythms »
From 14.11.2018 to 05.05.2019
Bombas Gens – Art Center
46009 València, Spain

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